{ZC15} Bishop Edmund Audley

Whilst no image of Bishop Edmund Audley (c1439 – 1524) appears to exist his legacy can be seen from the following photographs

Hereford Cathedral
List of Bishops
Edmund Audley 1492
The Audley Chapel
Bishop Edmund Audley’s Monogram consisting of
Fret (from Coat of Arms), above, his initials, above a butterfly
The significance of the butterfly is unknown but the butterfly is also shown on the ‘Audley Pennon’
Salisbury Cathedral
The Audley Chapel Ceiling Boss, showing Audley Coat of Arms

Note that whilst Bishop Edmund Audley’s father was James Touchet the ceiling boss only shows the Audley Coat of Arms

Edmund Audley (c1439 – 1524) was the second son of James Touchet, the fifth Baron Audley and his second wife Eleanor Holland. He used Audley as his surname. The key dates in his life are summarised below:

1463          Probably Resident at Lincoln College Oxford
1467          Graduated Bachelor of Arts (BA)
1471           Awarded Master of Arts (MA)
1480          Became Bishop of Rochester
1482/3      Awarded Doctorate of Theology (DTh)
1464          Admitted to the prebend of Colwall in Hereford Cathedral
1475          Became the Archdeacon of the East Riding of Yorkshire
1474          Admitted Canon and Prebendary of St George’s Chapel Windsor
1479          Became Archdeacon of Essex
1492          Transferred to become Bishop of Hereford
1502         Transferred to become Bishop of Salisbury
1502          Also appointed Chancellor of the ‘Order of the Garter’
1524          Died at Ramsbury and buried in the Audley Chapel in Salisbury Cathedral

The above information has been summarised from ‘The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography’

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