World War 2 – Audley Combatants

This page contains a list those members with the Audley surname that fought in WW2.  Unfortunately WW2 service records and medal records are currently not in the public domain. This list has been created from those records that are in the public domain and is therefore far from complete.

Royal Artillery

{AB59} Alexander Edwin Audley

The Liverpool Scottish  Territorial Regiment, Service Number 2931140
2nd Battalion “G” Coy, The Queen’s Own “Cameron Highlanders; Service Number 2931140
Royal Artillery – Gunner, Service Number 2931140
He was awarded the ‘Territorial Efficiency Medal’ in 1945/46 for 12 years efficient service (ref WO 102/36}

A family member possesses his Territorial Efficiency Medal with the above Service Number

4th (Queens Own) Hussars

{AB80} Alexander Leslie Audley (1911 – 1986)

Sergeant Service No 7927819
4th (Queens Own) Hussars Army Corps Royal Armoured Corps
Service from 12/12/1940 to 26/5/1946 in the Mediterranean
Mentioned in despatches published in the London Gazette 23/05/1946 page 2444.

Awarded the following medals:
WWII War Star,  The Africa Star Medal worn with 8th Army Clasp, and ‘Oak Leaves’, WWII Italy Star, WWII Defence Medal, WWII War Medal.

Air Training Corps

{V66} Alfred James Audley (1925-2003}

Service No 3007281
Air Training Corps Cadet
Enlisted at RAF Station Cardington, Bedfordshire after May 1943

{U143} Arthur Alfred Audley (1903 – 1940)

Died 28th May 1940
Commemorated at Dunkirk Memorial
Service Number 5105506
Private 2nd Bn Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Reported on Casualty lists
WO417/14: (28/6/1940 to 20/7/1940) Listed as ‘Missing believed killed’ with no reported date
WO 417/49; (9/08/1942 to 15/09/1942) Listed as ‘Presumed died of wounds on or shortly after 28th May 1940, in France’

Women’s Auxiliary Air Force

{V77} Beatrice Audley (1923 – ????)

Women’s Auxiliary Air Force
Service No 451892
She enlisted in Gloucester after June 1941
Air 78/6/6 Indicates that her married name was Sorbie

Royal Army Medical Corps

{U149} Charles Henry Audley {1907 – 1956}

Service Number 7521108
Private; Royal Army Medical Corps.
Captured by the Japanese 15/02/1942
Liberated 02/09/1945

Reported in Casualty lists:
WO 417/39 (25/02/1942 to 12/03/1942)
Listed as ‘Missing in Malaya’ 15/02/1942
WO 417/81 (01/09/1944 to 20/9/1944)
Listed as ‘Previously posted Missing now reported Prisoner of War in Japanese Hands (Thailand)
WO 417/98 (08/10/ 1945 to 01/11/1945)
Listed as ‘Previously reported Prisoner of War now Not Prisoner of War

{AC2} Denis James Audley (1922 – 1943)

Died 30th July 1943
Commemorated at Runnymede Memorial
Service number 1337107
Sergeant; 51 Squadron  RAF Volunteer Reserve, based at RAF Station Snaith (Pollington Airfield (7 miles S W of Goole, Yorkshire.)

Details of last flight:
Halifax II; Serial: JD 309  Code MH-??
Crew (all killed)
Pilot:  Fl/Sgt Arthur Fletcher
Fl/Eng: Stanley Victor Sherrington
Nav: Sgt Cuthbert Watkin
W/Op/Air/Gnr: Sgt Denis James Audley
W/Op/Air/Gnr: Sgt Raymond Worrall
Air/ Gnr: Sgt Dennis Barker
Air/Gnr Ronald Stanley Smith
Took off at 2251hrs from 29th July 1943 to bomb the port and city of Hamburg joining 776 other aircraft on the third raid on this target within 5 days. Shot down by a night-fighter and crashed into the North Sea off the German coast

{J184} Dennis Sydney Audley (1923 – 1943)

Died 3rd September 1943
Buried Birmingham (Handsworth) Cemetery
Service Number 1576642
Sergeant; RAF Volunteer Reserve, 1661 Heavy Conversion Unit

Details of last flight:
Lancaster I Serial No lR 5492
Crew Sergeant Dennis Sydney Audley
Pilot Officer John Franklin Curtis
Flight Sergeant Stanley Alfred Gawler
Pilot Officer Samuel Keith Lowry
Sergeant Leslie John Milton
Flight Sergeant Thomas David Phillips
Flight Sergeant Laurence Alexander Taylor
Sergeant Arthur Young

Flying out of RAF Winthorpe (Newark Nottinghamshire) undertaking night flying exercises the plane was shot down by friendly fire and crashed 3/4 mile S W of  Exeter Fighter Command airfield.

{AC74} Derek Dundonald Audley (1921 – 1942)

Died 24th October 1942 
Buried at Warmwell (Holy Trinity) Church Yard
Service Number 778599
Sergeant; 266 Sqdn RAF Volunteer Reserve

Details of Last Flight
Flying Typhoon Fighter-Bomber IA R 7695, the plane broke up and crashed at Glanvilles Wootton, Dorset.

See the biography about Derek Dundonald  in the biography section of this website 

Women’s Auxiliary Air Force

Possibly {AC9} or {J89}
Doreen Audley

Women’s Auxiliary Air Force
Service Number 484116
She enlisted in Gloucester after January 1943

Royal Army Medical Corps

{AA104} Eric Audley (1921 – 1989)

Awarded: the 1939 -1945 Star; the France and Germany Star; the defence; the War; the Efficiency (with Territorial Scroll) Medals

Royal Army Medical Corps

Sergeant Service Number 7346226

Royal Air Force

{V38} Frederick Robert Audley (1922 – ????}

Royal Air Force Service No 1296449
He enlisted at either Uxbridge, Gloucester or Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales sometime after May 1940

Royal Armoured Corps

 {F63} George Bernard Audley

Royal Armoured Corps

King’s Dragoon Guards
Emergency Commission 2nd Lieutenant (War Substantive)

Royal Corps of Signals

{AC11} George Stanley Audley (1920 – 1999)

Royal Corps of Signals
Lance Corporal Service No 2343630
The London Gazette 15/06/ 1943 page 2720 has:
‘The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the award of the British Empire Medal (Military Division), in recognition of gallant conduct in carrying out hazardous work in a very brave manner, to: 
No. 2343630 Lance-Sergeant George Stanley Audley,
Royal Corps of Signals (Birkenhead).’

{J98} Harry Audley (1914 – 1945)

Died 21st January 1945
Commemorated at the Commonwealth War Cemetery, Nederweert, Limburg, Netherlands
Service Number 3391503;
Private; 2Bn Devonshire Regiment
Reported in Casualty Lists
WO 417/64 (20/07/1943 to 16/08/1943)
Listed as; Wounded in Sicily- 14/07/43
WO 417/88/1  (30/01/1945 to 27/02/1945)
Listed as: Died of Wounds 21/01/1945 Western Europe

Royal Air Force

{N162} James Lewis Audley

Royal Air Force Service Number 1612770
He enlisted at RAF Staton, Cardington, Bedfordshire  after October 1941.
On the WW2 ‘Bletchley Park Roll of Honour’ he is noted as having served in the ‘RAF’ as a Leading Aircraftman. (LAC) Intercept Operator, in North Africa and Italy during 1942 – 1945. (The Bletchley Park Roll of Honour lists all those believed to have worked in signals intelligence during WW2, at Bletchley Park and other locations)Note: we have from other records that {N162} was called James Louis Audley and yet the RAF records AIR 76/6/6 refer to this person as James Lewis Audley

Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve

{AC53} John Edmund Audley (1901 – 1980)

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
February 1942
Temporary Lieutenant
Based at HMS Orlando (Navy House, Greenock, Scotland)
Based at HMS Fortitude ( a shore establishment at Ardrossan)

{HC9} Laurence Geoffrey Audley- Charles

Died 18th February 1941
Commemorated at Tower Hill Memorial
Able Seaman; Merchant Navy;  M.V. Edwy R Brown (London)

At 06.33 hours on 17 Feb 1941 the Edwy R. Brown (Master Andrew Chalmers), a straggler from convoy HX-107, was hit amidships by one torpedo from U-103 in bad weather southeast of Iceland. The U-boat had missed the zigzagging tanker with a first torpedo at 06.15 hours. The ship continued after being hit and only stopped after two torpedoes struck behind the bridge at 06.40 hours and set her on fire. The Germans observed how the crew abandoned ship in two lifeboats and waited for the ship to sink, but she remained afloat even after being struck amidships by a fourth torpedo at 07.58 hours. U-103 gave up further attacks when a coup de grâce fired at 08.33 hours failed to detonate and left the burning wreck in a sinking condition. The master, 47 crew members and two gunners were lost

{M119} Leo Francis Audley (1918 – 1939)

Died 23rd September 1939
Buried Fleetwood Borough Cemetery
Service Number 10280262
Gunner 106 Battery 23 Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery
Reported in Casualty Lists
WO417/11 (03/09/1939 to 09/05/1940)
Listed as ‘Accidentally killed’

Royal Air Force

{V14} Owen Vivian Audley (1912 – 1980)

Royal Air force; Service Number 1180473
He enlisted at RAF Station, Cardington, Bedfordshire, and joined after April 1940

Suffolk Regiment

{N100} Percy R Audley (1919 – 1968)

Suffolk Regiment 2nd Battalion
Lance Corporal  Service Number 6020087
Reported in Casualty Lists
WO 417/42 (18/04/1942 to 05/05/1943)
Listed as; Missing in Malaya 15/02/1942
WO 417/65 (17/08/1943 to 10/09/43)
Listed as; Previously reported Missing now reported Prisoner of War in Malaya
WO 417/99 (02/11/1945 to 30/11/1945)
Listed as; Previously reported Prisoner of War now not Prisoner of War

He was a member of the Territorial Army, and on the outbreak of War he enlisted in the British Army, firstly in the Essex Regiment, he moved to the 4th Battalion, Royal Suffolk, Regiment. He was captured by the Japanese Army in Singapore, and later forced to work on the Japanese ‘Thai-Burma Railway’.

Suffolk Regiment

Probably {N101} but {AA124} & {F114} have similar initials
R W Audley
Suffolk Regiment
Warrant Officer Class 2; Service No 5933019
He was awarded the ‘Efficiency Medal’ in 1945/46

Royal Artillery

S Audley

Royal Artillery
Gunner; Service Number 922498
He was awarded the ‘Territorial Efficiency Medal’ a long service award in 1945/46

{AA103} Samuel Audley. (1896 – 1964)
Awarded the Defence and War Medal
(in addition to  his WW1 medals)In the 1939 registers he s recorded as a Lieutenant and his address is recorded as ‘Officers Quarters 68th High A.A Bty RA TAR c/o Lobitos Oil Fields, Ellesmere Port Cheshire.
He  has also been recorded as a member of 18th Cheshire (Ellesmere Port) Battalion.
He also spent time at Milford Haven during WW2
{N146} Samuel Edward Audley (1915 – 1941)

Died 24th September 1941
Commemorated at Karachi War Cemetery, Pakistan
Service Number 5826282
Private 2nd Bn Suffolk Regiment
Mentioned in Casualty
WO 417/31 (15/09/1941 to 03/10/1944)
Listed as ; Dead 24/09/1941

Royal Artillery

T Audley

Service Number 921278
Gunner; Royal Artillery 68 Medium Regiment
Recorded in Casualty Lists:
WO 417/47 (29/07/1942 to 11/08/1942)
Listed as Missing, Middle East Cyrenaica
WO 417/52  (5/10/1942 to 22.10/1942)
Missing believed Prisoner of War (previously reported as missing)
WO 417/54 ( 17/11/1942 to 9/12/1942)
Listed as Prisoner of War (Previously reported missing)
WO 417/94 (2/07/1945 to 23/07/1945)
Listed as; Previously reported Prisoner of War in German Hands (Germany) now Not Prisoner of War

Cheshire Regiment

T Audley

2nd Battalion, Cheshire Regiment
Private, Service Number 7951279
Awarded the General Service Medal, with ‘Palestine’ Clasp for service in Palestine 1945 to 1948. (Source WO 100/532)

{M117} Thomas Audley (1916 – 1947)

Died 11th April 1947
Buried Fleetwood Borough Cemetery
Service Number 14210252
Sapper; Royal Engineers

Royal Air Force

Thomas Audley

Royal Air Force, Service Number 1225126
He enlisted at RAF Station, Cardington, Bedfordshire after April 1940

Worcester Regiment

{ZC96} Thomas Percy Henry Touchet- Jesson (1913 – 1963)
He became 23rd Baron Audley of Heleigh in 1942.

Worcester Regiment 1st Battalion
2nd Lieutenant Service number 193752
Lieutenant 01/10/1942 Service number 193752
Acting Major 29/04/1943 Service number 193752
Awarded MBE (Military Division) London Gazette issue 37119 page 2944.

Royal Engineers

W Audley

Royal Engineers
Acting  Warrant Officer Class 2 Service No 194827
The London Gazette issue 36065 page 2856 has:
Mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished service in the Middle East during the period 1st May 1942 to 22nd October 1942; Royal Corps of Engineers; 194827 Staff Sergeant (acting WO II (QMS)) W Audley

Either {AC38} or {AC40}
W D Audley

British Army
Regiment: Indian Army
2nd Lieutenant
It should be noted that there were two brothers {AC38} William Dundonald Audley and {AC40} Walter Donald Audley it is difficult to distinguish between then from their initials.
{AC87} W H Audley (1923 – 1998)

British Army
Regiment: Indian Army
2nd Lieutenant

His Grandson believes he was a paratrooper in the Gurkah Regiment and part of the Special Operations Executve. His service record is currently closed at The National Archives HS9/63/3

{U125} William Audley (1918 – 1944)

Died 30th July 1944
Commemorated at Tilly-sur-Seulles War Cemetery France
Service number 5725964
Lance Corporal; 1st Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment
Recorded in Casualty lists:
WO 417/80 (16/08/1944 to 31/08/1944)
Listed as; Killed in action

Royal Air Force

William Henry Audley

Royal Air Force Service No 1295982
He enlisted at either Uxbridge, Gloucester or Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales after May 1940

Royal Air Force

{AA97} or {AA118} William Joseph Audley

Royal Air Force Service No 1072214
He enlisted at RAF Station, Padgate, Warrington, between September 1939 and February 1940