Similar Surnames

 In undertaking research into the History of the Audley surname it became clear that in numerous instances the Audley surname has been either mis-recorded in the original documents or mis-transcribed when records have been indexed into modern family history websites. In trying to understand  the range of surnames I should be looking at to find mis-recorded Audley records it became clear that there are twenty three valid surnames, which are similar to the Audley surname and with which confusion in recording events could have occurred.

Some of these surnames are more frequently recorded than the Audley surname and others are less frequent. The following 3 charts shows the relative frequency of these twenty three surnames compared to the Audley surname. The frequency of use of these surnames is based on the number of times each of these surnames is recorded in the General Register Office, birth, marriage and death indexes for the period 1837 to 1999 inclusive. It should be noted that the frequency scales are different on the following charts.

Of the above 23 surnames (excluding the Audley surname) 5 of them also share the same name as a village or a town as shown in the table below:
Surname Location of village or town, with the same name as the Surname, in relation to the village of Audley in Staffordshire
 Handley Handley is 26 miles to the west of Audley
Dudley Dudley is 54 miles to the south of Audley
Adderley Adderley is 16 miles to the south west of Audley
Ardley Ardley is 111 miles south east of Audley
Alderley Alderley is 126 miles to the south of Audley
A more detailed anaysis of these figures can be found in the following file:

      Analysis of the frequency of similar surnames to the Audley Surname