Similar Coats of Arms

This website page shows images of Coats of Arms that are similar to the Audley Coats of Arms and are taken from a range of locations.

Verdun coat of arms in a stained glass window in the north transept of Ludlow Parish Church Shropshire.

The Audley Coat of Arms is reputed to be the Verdun Coat of Arms with the colours reversed. For more information about the Verdun family follow the link below

The Coat of Arms of Ralph Stawell Dutton (1898- 1985) the 8th Baron Sherbourne. He was the last of his line. The ‘moon’ on its back (a cadency symbol) indicated that he was the second son.
The Coat of Arms is above the front door of Hinton Ampner House in Hampshire and shows the ‘Audley Fret’ in two opposing quarters of the shield.It has traditionally been accepted that Thomas Dutton of Dutton, Cheshire was one of the four squires who attended Sir James Audley at the battle of Poitiers and as a reward Sir James Audley granted them the right to augment their coats of arms with his coat of arms namely ‘gules fretty or’.

An article titled ‘Cheshire Squires’ on the ‘Other Published Information’ page on this website gives more details on the Audley Dutton relationship. However the room stewards of Hinton Ampner House (a National Trust property) indicate that there is evidence that the Dutton family were using ‘Gules Fretty Or’ prior to the battle of Poitiers.

The Whitmore Family Coat of Arms The Dutton Family Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of Sir Thomas Stanley (1577-1606) & Elizabeth Warburton

Comparison of the Stanley Coat of arms with the Coats of Arms of the Touchet Family as Lord Audley and the Dutton Family.

Research shows that Elizabeth Warburton is related to the Warburton Family of
Arley Hall and the Dutton Family.

The above Coat of Arms is in the Churchill Tree Public House, Alderley Park, Cheshire. 
The building was formerly the Tenants Hall, and is a surviving portion of  Stanley House, which was partially destroyed by fire in 1931. The Alderley Park estate  was until 1950 owned by the Stanley Family.
The Audley Coat of arms recognises  that the Audley and Stanley Families share a common origin.


Draycott Coat of Arms

Based on coat of arms on tomb in St Margret’s Church Draycott in the Moor, Staffordshire