Seals- Audley of Gloucester


The Seals on this page cover the period when {ZA24} Hugh de Aldithley (Audley) was Earl of Gloucester. Prior to him becoming Earl of Gloucester he used a seal similar to those shown on the prior to 1391 page.

The original seals (and seal moulds) on this webpage are in  The National Archives Kew.

As Seals usually incorporate a Coat of Arms; this webpage should be read in conjunction with the Coat of Arms section of this website. The advantage with seals is that they are usually attached to a manuscript which can be dated

The  above two seals are attributed {ZA24} Hugh de Aldithley (Audley) – Earl of Gloucester
The seal on the left is from seal mould PRO23-748-1 dated 1341-42
The seal on the right is from seal mould PRO 23- 4117-1 dated  1344-45
 Seal attributed to Ralph Lord Stafford the son in law of {ZA24} Hugh Audley Earl of Gloucester

From seal mould  PRO23-4117-2 dated 1344-45  a similar seal is  in PRO23-748-2 dated 1341-42

Seal attributed to {ZA25} Margaret Audley  the daughter of {ZA24} Hugh Audley Earl of Gloucester and wife of Ralph Lord Stafford
From  seal mould PRO23- 4117-3 dated 1344-45
Note how her seal contains the ‘Arms’ of her father and her husband
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