Research by Mr Richard Sneyd

The three files below are the notes from the personal research undertaken by Mr Richard Sneyd regarding the common origin of the Aldithley (Audley), Sneyd and Stanley Families. These files provide additional information about the origins of Audley Family ZA ‘ The Early Barons Audley’ contained on the Family Tree Page of this website.

This research shows that the Audley Family has Saxon Origins rather than Norman origins.

    Notes on the Saxon de Aldithley Family From Leofwine, Ealderman of the Hwicce c975 – c1025 to Henry 1st Baron Audley c1125 – 1246

     Notes on the Origins of the Audley, Stanley & Sneyd Family, Names, Places & the origin of the Sneyd Coat of Arms

      Notes on the De Aldithley (Audley) & Sneyd families from the 10th to the 17th Centuary.

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