Recent Changes to this website


The following changes have been made to this website within the last 12 months:

Date  Details of Changes
21st May 2020 ‘Audley Family AC’ updated
 17th May 2020 ‘Audley Family U’ updated
 17th May 2020 ‘Audley Family J’ updated
 13th May 2020 ‘ Audley Family V’ updated
 10th May 2020 ‘Audley Family’ & ‘Audley Forename’ Indexes updated
 10th May 2020 ‘ Aidley BMD index’ updated
7th May 2020 ‘ Audley Family R’ updated
5th April 2020 ‘ Audley Family M’ updated
 26th March 2020 ‘Audley Family IO’ updated
23rd March 2020 ‘ Audley Family F’ updated
 22nd March 2020 ‘Audley Famly IO’ updated
15th March 2020 Five new images added to ‘seals’ page
3rd March 2020 ‘Audley Famly T’ updated
1st March 2020 ‘ Audley Family IR’ updated
12th February 2020 ‘Audley Family O’ updated and re-branded as ‘ Audley Family IO’
8th February 2020 ‘ Audley Family IR’ updated
25th January 2020 New Page added ‘Newspaper Articles about Audley Family IR’
 23rd January 2020  Audley Birth, Marriage & Death indexes updated
23rd January 2020 ‘ Audley Family IR’ updated
21st January 2020 ‘Audley 1901 census index’ updated
20th January 2020 ‘Family’ index and ‘Forename’ index updated
16th January 2020  index by Country updated
index by Registration District updated
 16th January 2020  Audley Family {BH} re-tagged as {AH} and
Audley Family {BK} re-tagged as {AK}
13th January 2020 ‘Index by Country’ updated
13th January 2020 Audey Family YB updated and  re-branded as   Audley Family IR (Ireland, Roscommon)
8th January 2020 Audley Family X updated
19th December 2019 Audley Family O updated
15th December 2019 Audley Family J updated
 28th November 2019  Audley Birth, Marriage & Death indexes updated
Index by Registration District Updated
 23rd November 2019 Audley Family YB updated
19th November 2019 Two new images of seals added to ‘Seals’ page
17th November 2019 Page added about {ZA27} Sir James de Audley K.G. added to Biography section of website.
14th November 2019  Audley Family & Forename Indexes updated
10th November 2019 Audley Family ZT updated
31st October 2019 Major revision to page that has the Family Trees for the Barons Audley
The Barons Audley Family Tree has been split into Families ZA; ZC; ZT & ZW
27th October 2019  Audley Family J updated
25th October 2019  Ten new photographs added to ‘Photographs of Audley Family J Page
 22nd October 2019 Three new images added to ‘Images of Coat of Arms ‘ Page
 20th October 2019  Four  photographs about Bailiffs of Much Wenlock added to ‘Audley Places in Shropshire’ Page
 19th October 2019 Seven photographs of Audley Village added to ‘ Audley Places in Staffordshire’ Page
 15th October 2019  Four photographs of Audley Castle added to  ‘Audley Places in Staffordshire’ Page
14th October 2019 Two photographs of St Bartoline’s Church, Barthomley added to Audley Places in Cheshire Page
3rd October 2019 Photograph of {J207} Harry W Audley and of his wife Ethel Abbie Audley (neé Regan) added to relevant
29th September 2019 Photograph of {J228} Edwin Audley and his wife added to relevant page
23rd September 2019 Photograph of {AC40} Walter Donald Audley added to relevant page
31st July 2919  Audley Family Z updated
29th July 2019 7 sub-pages have gone live under ‘ The Audley Name and’
3rd July 2019 Audley Family YC updated
25th June 2019 Audley Family YD added
 25th June 2019 Audley Family YA updated.
 19th June 2019 New Page Added ‘Audley People in Fiction’
18th June 2019 Four paged about Coats of Arms gone live
 17th  June 2019 Audley Family T updated 
16th June 2019 Audley Family SA updated
9th June 2019 Audley Family YC added
9th June 2019 Audley Family YA updated
 2nd June 2019 Audley Family YB updated
 1st June 2019  Audley Family Z updated
 19th May 2019 Audley Family Z updated
18th May 2019  New page added ‘Photographs of ‘Audley Family YC’