Photographs of Audley Family J




 Wedding Card for the marriage of {J86} Edward James Audley to Lilian Bryant.

26th December 1935
From left to right : Bessie Baker (Mum’s cousin and daughter of Christopher and Alice Baker (nee Sealy), Ernest Mills (Dad’s best man and later to marry Bessie Kathleen Bryant), {J86} Edward James Audley (the groom), Lilian Bryant (the bride), Thomas Walter John Bryant (gave Mum away) and Bessie Kathleen Bryant. All the Bryant’s are the children of Thomas Walter and Lilly Louise Bryant (nee Sealy).


  Reunion in 1980 after 64 years apart
{J82} Oliver Dan Audley (1912 – 1998)      {J86} James Edward Audley (1913 – 1986)
{J81} Florence Audley (1907 – 2006)


  {J20} Ben Audley (1881 – 1958) and his second wife Florence Hamer   {J20} Ben Audley (1881 – 1958) and his second wife Florence Hamer

  Left {J98} Harry Audley (1914 – 1945). Second from left {J107} Ernest Audley (1904 – 1990) The above photograph was taken in Q1 1943 at the marriage of {J107} Ernest Audley to Marion Walker (1907 – 1995) at St John the Baptist, Gannow, Burnley.


  {J98} Harry Audley (1914 – 1945)  {J127} Walter Audley (born 1945) married Kathleen Brown (born 1948) April 1966.


  {J124} Barry Audley (born 1940)

left {J127} Walter Audley (born 1945)

right {J129} Robert Mark Audley (born 2004)


  {J128} Darren Mark Audley (born 1969) & {J130} Calvin Jon Audley (born 1971)


  {J88} Rod Audley  Hannah Audley nee Hunt (1873 – 1939) the wife of of {J164} and {J164} Thomas Peter Audley (1869 – 1964)


{J102} James H Audley (1914 to 1978)
as a young child
{J102} James H Audley (1914 to 1978)
as a young adult


{J102} James H Audley (1914 to 1978)
Based on article in the Irish Times 1955
 {J175} Charles Edward Audley
He was born  Q4 1898 at Hinkley, Leicestershire, England. He emigrated to Canada in May 1910. He enlisted into  the Canadian Expeditionary Force 6th October 1915 and died 18th November 1916 and Buried at Regina Trench Cemetery, Grandcourt, Somme, France.
{J203}  Florence Emily Audley (1910 – 1992)
She was born Florence Emily Audley and at a young age was adopted, until her marriage she use her adoptive surname ‘Day’

{J38} Arthur Audley (1869 – 1941)
Photographed in 1939
{J38} Arthur Audley (1869 – 1941)

Back Row Left to Right
{J207} Harry William Audley (1898 – 1978)
wife of {J217} Jenny M Audley (1894 – 1963)
{J217} Arthur Charles Audley (1895 – 1969)
wife of {J207} Ethel Abbey Audley (1905 – 1975)

Front Row Left to Right
{J228} Edwin Audley (b1938}
{J260} Dorothy Mae Audley (1937 – 2007)
{J227} Harry A Audley (b 1931)
{J226} Edna R Audley (1927- 2019)

Photographed 1954

 Left: Wife of {J38} Annie Elizabeth Audley neé Niemes (1873 – 1950)
Right: Wife of  {J217}  Jennie Audley neé Bouger (1894 – 1963)

Back Row (left to right)
{J266} Paul Arthur Audley (b1957)
{J273} Kimberley Anne Audley (b1957)
{J262} David Alan Audley (b1955)
{J274} Susan Arlene Audley (b1959)

Front Row (left to right)
{J272} Mark Andrew Audley (b1963)
{J275} Victoria Autilla Audley (b1961)

Photograph 1967/8

{J217} Arthur Charles Audley (1895 – 1969)
& wife Jenny M Audley (1894 – 1963)

Left {J260} Dorothy Mae Audley (1937 – 2007)
Right {J266} Edna R Audley (1927 – 2019)

 {J207} Harry W Audley
(1898 – 1978)
photographed in 1953
wife of {J207} Ethel Abbie Audley (neé Regan)
(1905 – 1975)
photographed in 1953

 {J227} Harry Arthur Audley (b1931} & his wife Patricia Anne Audley neé Shippey (b1933)  {J228}  Edwin Audley (b1938)
& his wife Elizabeth Ann Audley (b1945)

 {J217} Arthur Charles Audley (1895 – 1969)
& Polly the Parrot
 {J275} Victoria Autilla Audley (b1961)

{J228} Edwin Audley and his wife Elizabeth ( taken in 1981)
Edwin  Audley  was the Founder and  Director Westport Emergency Medical Services