Photographs of Audley Family AB

 The marriage of {AB48} William Audley & Mary Pearson 30th April 1905.  {AB48} William Audley
From left to right:

{AB62} Edna Thelma Audley (born 1913)
{AB63}Edith Lilian Audley (born 1919)
{AB64} Muriel Audley (born 1920)

Marriage 6th June 1938 of {AB80} Alexander Leslie Audley to Annie Josephine Cadley at St Thomas Wavertree, Liverpool.
Back row left to Right
Bob Wells: Husband  to be of {AB81} Alice nee Audley: {AB49} Alexander Audley (1886 – 1961): Father of the Groom: {AB80} Alexander Audley (1911 – 1986):  The Groom: Don Bamford: Joseph Cadley: (1881 – 1956) Father of the Bride.
Front row left to Right
{AB83} Olga Audley (1920 – 1983): Sister of Groom: Wife of {AB49} Adah Lilian Audley (1887 – 1956): Mother of Groom: Cissie Bamford: Wife of Don: Annie Josephine Cadley (1911 – 2001) Bride: {AB81} Alice Audley(1913 – 1999) wife to be of Bob Wells: Sarah Cadley (1883 – 1993) Mother of the Bride.
{AB56} Gertrude Fox formerly Audley (1901 – 1969). Photograph taken about 1962.(At the time his photograph was taken she was known as Gertrude Ackers). From left to right Doris Audley wife of {AB59}, {AB59} Alexander Edwin AudleyElsie Crowther the mother of the wife of {B94} Alan Audley
Back Row Left to Right: Joe Linden  (husband of {AB63}); Dick Poole (husband of {AB64}); {AB59} Alexander Edwin Audley; {AB48} William Audley; {AB61} Eric Audley.

Middle Row Left to Right: {AB63} Ethel Lilian Audley (Betty); Doris Audley nee Gledhill wife of {AB59}; Margaret Audley (nee Clays) wife of {AB48}

Bottom Row Left to Right: {AB62} Edna Thelma Audley; {AB96} Sandra Hogg nee Audley; {AB64} Muriel Audley (Bunty)

{AB94} Alan Audley and Diane Audley nee Crowther his wife
{AB97} Neil Audley and Tracey Audley nee Peters {AB98} Richard Audley and Jaqueline Audley nee Locke
{AB99} Philip Audley and Sharon Audley nee Molloy