Newspaper Articles about Other Audley Families


This page contains a number of articles from Newspapers and Magazines that contain information about or makes reference to people who are part of other Audley Families

Publication and Date of Publication Details of Article/ Link to the article/ Person referred to when known
The Guardian (England)

2nd January 1926

Poisoned in a Police Cell

       Poisoned in Police Cell

Police Constable John Audley describes the arrest of a man detained following a raid on a Post Office in London. The arrested man appears to have committed suicide whilst detained in a Police cell. It has not as yet been identified to which branch of the Audley Family Police Constable John Audley belongs.

Explorer Magazine (Kentucky)

June 2009


published  1909)

Mysterious Woman(Mrs Jean Audley) Arrives In Caldwell County.

      Mysterious Woman

I have no idea how Mrs Jean Audley fits in with any Audley Family. Can you help?