Newspaper Articles about Audley Family ZC


This page contains a number of articles from Newspapers and Magazines that contain information about or makes reference to people who are part of Audley ZC

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 The Guardian


19th September 1819

The Trial of Henry Stent

       The Trial of Henry Stent

In this article a Legal case history comparison is made between the trial of Henry Stent and the trial of {ZC21} Sir Mervyn Touchet (1593 – 1631)

 Old Bailey Proceedings

21st October


{ZC82} William Ross Tuchet Breaking Peace & wounding

             Old Bailey Proceedings (link to external website)

WILLIAM ROSS TUCHET was indicted for felonious shooting off and discharging a certain pistol, loaded with gunpowder and a leaden bullet, at Thomas Smith, and wounding him in and upon his back, with intent to murder him.—2nd COUNT, for wounding only, with a like intent.—3rd COUNT, stating his intent to he to maim and disable.—4th COUNT, to do him some grievous bodily harm.

Verdict NOT GUILTYbeing insane