This page shows images of the Medals Awarded to various members of the Audley Family during WW1 and WW2

The Medals awarded to  {A103} Samuel Audley (1896 – 1964)

Medals from left to right:
British WW1 War Medal; WW1 Victory Medal; WW2 Defence Medal & WW2 War Medal

 WW1 Memorial Death Plaque

The World War One Memorial Plaque was made from Bronze and hence it was popularly known as the “Dead Man’s Penny” among front-line troops, also becoming widely known as, the “Death Penny”, “Death Plaque” or “Widow’s Penny”. It was in October 1916 that the British Government setup a committee for the idea of a commemorative plaque that could be given to the next of kin for those men and women whose deaths were due to the First World War of 1914-18.
The original plaque was a 12 centimetre disk cast in bronze gunmetal, which included an image of Britannia and a lion, two dolphins that represented Great Britain’s sea power and the emblem of Imperial Germany’s eagle being torn to pieces by another lion. Britannia is holding an oak spray with leaves and acorns. Beneath this was a rectangular tablet where the deceased name was cast into the plaque.
No rank was given as it was intended to show equality in their sacrifice. On the outer edge of the disk it bears the inscription, ‘He died for freedom and honour’. 
The Medals Awarded to {A104} Eric Audley (1921 – 1989)
Medals from Left to Right:
1939 – 1945 Star;  WW2 France & Germany Star;  WW2 Defence Medal; WW2 War Medal;
Efficiency Medal with Territorial Scroll Bar
The Medals Awarded to {AB80} Alexander Leslie Audley OBE (1911 – 1986)

The complementary letter that accompanied the medals.

The rear of the above letter contains a list of all the WW2 medals and their clasps and the colours of the ribbons for each medal. The link below shows the rear of the complimentary letter

      Rear of Complementary Letter


WW2 Medals from left to right:
1939 to 1945 star with pin below;  Defence Medal; Efficiency Medal; Africa Star with 8th Army clasp below and oak leaf below that; Italy star with Oak leaf below.
Oak leaves are awarded for being mentioned in Dispatches for distinguished service i.e for Gallantry or Bravery.

 A British M4 Sherman Tank as commanded by {AB80} Alexander Leslie Audley OBE (1911 – 1986)

The Medals Awarded to {AC8} Robert William Audley (1880 – 1948)

The above two photos show the  front (on left) and the reverse (on right) of
the WW1 medals Awarded to  {AC8} Robert William Audley (1880- 1948)
The extreme left and extreme right, are the front and reverse of the WW1 British War Medal
The inner left and inner right, are the front and reverse of the WW1 Mercantile Marine War medal