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Katherina L Audley

Katherina L Audley is the Founder and Director of ‘Whales of Guerrero’, Mexico.

{AA51} Gordon Vernon Audley (1928 – 2012)

He won a Bronze Medal at the 1952 Winter Olympic Games Oslo in the 500m speed skating event. He also carried the Canadian flag at the opening ceremony

{AC74} Derek Dundonald Audley (1921-1942)

Tragically killed when the Typhoon he was flying broke up at 18,000ft.

{IR3} Frank (Francis) H Audley (1850-1916)

He registered the following patents  :

1st July 1884 – Hand Loop for Driving Reins (in conjunction with a C.E. Rand)
30th September 1902 –  Holder for Policemen’s Clubs
26th December 1905 – Stirrup
18th September 1906 – Saddle Stirrup
18th June 1907 – Whip
3rd March 1908 Revolver Holster

1841 above; 1851 below

{R45} William Audley or Aidley (1812-1884)

This biography shows the fields that he farmed in 1841 and 1851 using the Tithe maps of the time and the modern maps of the area from Google Earth

{ZA27} Sir James De Audley K G (c1322-1369)

He was the hero of the Battle of Poitiers (19th September 1356) and a founder Knight of the Garter. 

{ZC3} James Touchet 5th Lord Audley (1398-1455)

He was slain at the Battle of Blore Heath on 23rd September 1455.

{ZC15} Bishop Edmund Audley (c1439-1524)

He became bishop of Rochester, Hereford and Salisbury. The biography includes photographs of the Audley Chapel in Hereford Cathedral and the Audley Chapel in Salisbury Cathedral.

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