Images of Coats of Arms

This website page shows images of various Coats of Arms taken from a range of sources.
{ZC27} James Touchet 17th Baron Audley
The Coat of Arms of {ZC27} James Touchet, 17th Baron Lord Audley of Heleigh Castle, in the County of Stafford, Earl of Castlehaven and 7th Baron Audley of Orier in Ireland. He held these titles between 1740 and 1769. The motto ‘Je Le Tiens’ translates to ‘I hold it’.
The above coat of Arms is taken from ‘Baronagium Genealogicum’ or ‘the pedigrees of the English Peers deduced from earliest times…..including as well collateral as lineal descent’ Originally compiled by Sir W Segar and continued to ‘present times’ by J Edmundson with additions by F Hargrave. Published in 6 volumes between 1764 & 1784.
{ZC15} Bishop Edmund Audley
The Coat of Arms of {ZC15} Bishop Edmund Audley DTh (1430 – 1524) as a ceiling boss in the Audley Chantry at  Salisbury Cathedral The Coat of Arms of {ZC15{} Bishop Edmund Audley DTh (1430 – 1524) combined with that of the See of Salisbury on the modern altar cloth at Salisbury Cathedral.
{ZC96} Thomas Percy Henry Touchet Tuchet-Jesson  {ZC113} John Awdeley
The Coat of Arms of 23rd ‘Baron Audley of Heleigh’ {ZC96} Thomas Percy Henry Touchet Tuchet-Jesson (1913 – 1963) The Coat of Arms of {ZC113} John Awdeley (left portion) marshalled with that of his first wife (right portion) Isabella Mylberry the illegitimate daughter of King Edward IV. This information has been taken from ‘Heraldry’ written by Henry Bedingfield, Rouge Croix Persuivant and Peter Gwynn-Jones Lancaster Herald. The crescent in John Awdeley’s coat of arms is the usual cadency mark for a second, surviving , son
Coat of Arms of {ZW5} Thomas Audley 1st and last Baron Audley of Walden
 This coat of arms is in the roof of the Audley Chapel at Berechurch, near Colchester in Essex. The Garter plate in St George’s Chapel Windsor of {ZW5} Thomas, Lord Audley, 
Whilst the coat of Arms of {ZW5} Thomas, Lord Audley, 1st (& last) Baron Audley of Walden is very different from the other Audley coat of arms shown on this page, it should be noted that the emblem in the centre of the shield is a fret  
Weston under Lizard, Staffordshire
Enlargement of ‘Audley’ Coat of Arms in the lower middle section of the stained glass window.
The east window (original circa 1325) in the church at Weston-under- Lizard, Staffordshire has the arms of Sir John de Weston (bottom left); his first wife (bottom right) and his mother (bottom centre). His mother was probably Joan daughter of James de Audley; this shield being ‘Gules fretty or’ (ref Staff. Cols, New S, Vol II, p 43)
The above information has been taken from ‘The Parentage of James de Audley K.G.’  taken from Staff Cols, New S, Vol  IX, p 245 – 268.
Image of part of British Library Manuscript ‘Add MS 74251A fol 7v  titled ‘Illuminated Genealogy of the Family of Weston of Weston-under- Lizard Staffordshire  (1632 – c 1633). This shows than a member of the Audley family married Hugh Weston. Unfortunately it does not give the wife’s name. The date in the image is 33E1 (20 Nov 1304 to 20 Nov 1305) Image of part of British Library Manuscript ‘Add MS 74251A fol 8 titled ‘Illuminated Genealogy of the Family of Weston of Weston-under- Lizard Staffordshire  (1632 – c 1633). This image shows the Coats of Arms of John Weston (the son of Hugh Weston and unknown Audley) and his 2 wives.
Memorials of the Order of the Garter by G F Beltz
Seal of {ZA27} Sir James Audley, Knight of the Garter attached to an original instrument in the Bibliotheque National de France.
This image has been taken from Appendix IX of ‘Memorials of the Order of the Garter From its Foundation to the Present Time with Biographical Notices of the Knights in the Reigns of Edward III and Richard II’ by George Frederick Beltz K.H., Lancester Herald and published in 1841.
        Supporting evidence for the above being the seal of {ZA27} Sir James Audley
 The  Coat of Arms of Christopher Audley

Christopher Audley is included in Chapter 1 of Audley Pedigrees by A.L. Reade
Audley of Welbourn and Grantham (Co Lincs) and of Upwell (Co Norfolk)
Alderley Park, Cheshire

The above stained glass window is in the Churchill Tree Public House, Alderley Park, Cheshire. 
The building was formerly the Tenants Hall, and is a surviving portion of  Stanley House, which was partially destroyed by fire in 1931. The Alderley Park estate  was until 1950 owned by the Stanley Family.
The Audley Coat of arms recognises  that the Audley and Stanley Families share a common origin.
Bodliean Library
The Coat of Arms of {ZC3} James Lord Audley in the Bodliean Library Oxford and is the first folio of a book titled ‘Master of Game’ and dated 15th century second quarter I.e 1425 to 1450  

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