DNA Test Results.

The following table shows which branches of the Audley family have been Y chromosome DNA tested and whether the results show that the branched are definitely, likely or unlikely to share a common ancestor

definitely share a common ancestor

likely to share a common ancestor unlkely to share a common ancestor


Individual 1 2 3 4 5 6
Individual family AA AB  J J M (Ireland) Allday
1 AA
2 AB
3 J
4 J
5 M (Ireland)
6 Allday

When the DNA test was undertaken on the individuals from family AA and AB  there was no known common ancestor between them. That common ancestor has now been found a John Audley who lived c1744 to 1811

The DNA results also show that families AA and AB are likely to share a common ancestor with a living person  with the Allday Surname. Interestingly the earliest baptism and marriage records for  Family AA and AB are recorded in the registers of 2 parishes as Allday.

Audley Family M originated in County Galway Ireland and the Audley surname probably originated from the anglicisation of an old Irish surname and this is why that family does not have similar DNA to other Audley Families

The ultimate aim is to have at least one individual from each branch of the Audley Family to undergo a Y chromosome DNA test to see which branched are related and which are not.  

If any male member of any branch of the Audley Family has had a Y Chromosome DNA test and would like their results  to add to this table, or wishes to undertake a Y Chromosome DNA test, please contact me.

Whilst ladies do not have Y Chromosome DNA they can encourage or sponsor a Male relative with the Audley surname to undertake a Y Chromosome DNA test.