DNA Test Results.


The following table shows which branches of the Audley family have been Y chromosome DNA tested and whether the results show that the branched are likely or unlikely to share a common ancestor


Individual 1 2 3 4 5
Individual family AA AB  J J M
1 AA
2 AB
3 J
4 J
5 M

Whilst an individual from each branch of the Audley Family has not as yet been tested these results indicate that there are at least 3  sources of the name Audley being used as a surname.

If any male member of any branch of the Audley has any Y Chromosome DNA results  to add to this table, or wishes to undertake a Y Chromosome DNA test, please contact me.

Whilst ladies do not have Y Chromosome DNA they can encourage or sponsor a Male relative with the Audley surname to undertake a Y Chromosome DNA test.