Baronagium Genealogicum


‘Baronagium Genealogicum’  or ‘the pedigrees of the English Peers deduced from earliest times…..including as well collateral as lineal descent’ Originally compiled by Sir W Segar and continued to ‘present times’ by J Edmundson with additions by F Hargrave. Published in 6 volumes between 1764 & 1784.
The image below is from  page  353 of volume 4 of Baronagium Genealogicum. The The links below that are to pdf versions of pages 353 and 354 of volume 4, which relates to the Barons Audley and to the update of pages 353 & 354 in Volume 6. The details from Baronagium Genealogicium  have been included in ‘Audley Family Z’ on the Family Tree page of this website.

links to pdf documents:

                   Volume 4 of Baronagium Genealogicum Page 353
                   Volume 4 of Baronagium Genealogicum Page 354
                   Volume 6 of Baronagium Genealogicum 

                            Transcript of Baronagium Genealgicum

The above links are in pdf format which you can enlarge to read the files.