Audley Family Trees

The other pages of this second level menu contains the detailed Audley Family Trees that have been researched by the contributors to this website.  If you know which Audley family you belong to select the relevant page from the menu on the left hand side and then open the relevant file.

If you do not know which Audley Family you belong you have two options:

      1.  If you know some details of a person with the Audley (or Aidley) surname select the Index page from the left hand side and try and find that individual in one of the indexes. When you identify that individual you will know his or her tag number. The letter in that tag number will tell you to which Audley family you belong.
      2. If you know the registration district where the birth, marriage or death of a person with the Audley Surname was registered, then select the second level index page for by Registration district and from the file contained on that page you will be able to identify to which branch of the Audley Famly that person belongs.

Please note there are exceptions to the above:

  • Audley Families I & L contains details of people with either the Audley or Aidley surname living in Liverpool and Lancashire respectively that have to be connected with other branches of the Audley Family.
  • Audley Family O contains details of people with either the Audley or similar surname living in Ireland that have to be connected with other branches of the Audley Family.
  • Audley Family H (Winstanley alias Audley): This family is linked to Family B. This family of Liverpool whose actual surname is Winstanley used the surname Audley. The originator {H1} had a stepfather {B20} William Audley
  • Audley Family W discusses the information available about John Audley, also known as John Odlin, and John Audlin who sailed to Massachusetts as part of the Winthrop Fleet.
  • Audley Family Y contains information about the Audley Family of America which have yet to be linked back to an Audley Family in the British Isles.
  • Audley Family Z contains information about the Barons Audley also known as Lords Audley
  • Audley Family AA contains information about a Family in Australia who appear to have changes their surname from Audsley to Audley.