Audley Family Trees – Family Z


Family Z ‘The Barons Audley’.
The file below, compiled by this website, contains the details of the family that held the title of Baron Audley of Audley and also later Baron Audley of Orier in Ireland and Earls of Castlehaven in Ireland, from earliest times to the present day. This family includes a Founder Member of the Order of the Garter and a Bishop.  This family Z file also contains the separate Audley Family that  briefly held the title of Lord Chancellor of England and Baron of Walden. This file containd information about 232 individuals and their spouses,

 The History of Audley Family Z
(file last updated 1st June 2019)


There  have been several documents published that contain family trees of the early Barons Audley,  i.e prior to 1391, When one reads these document there are significant differences between them. The file below compares the information in these various publications, to highlight the variations.

       The Early Barons Audley
               (file last updated 22nd May 2015)

Copies of other published information about the ‘Barons Audley’ is contained within this website as follows:
‘Baronagium Genealogicum’ published in 6 volumes between 1764 and 1784 and is known to contain errors. Click here to go to the webpage that contains this document.
‘The Baronage of England’ published in 1675 by Sir William Dugdale. Click here to go to the webpage that contains this document.
‘The Complete Peerage’  by G E Cokayne. Click here to go to the webpage that contains this document.
‘The Parentage of James De Audley KG’ by Josiah Wedgewood MP and published as part of the Staff Colls. Collection. This excellent document resolves the confusion in earlier publication as to who was the James Audley who was ‘ the hero of Poitiers’ and a ‘founder knight of the Garter. Click here to read this document
‘Peerage of England’ 6th Edition by Collins published in 1812.  This document deals with the ‘Touchet” surname i.e the family to who the title of Baron Audley was transferred through marriage in  about 1391. Click here to read this document