Audley Family Trees – Families YA, YC, YD, & YK


Family YA ‘Audley Family of Massachusetts, America’ This file contains information about 2 Audley families in America that have not as yet been linked to an Audley Family in Great Britain. One family lived in Massachusetts, USA and the other Family lived in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA (for more information select the link below)

      The History of Audley Family YA        (last updated 25th June 2019)

Family YC ‘Audley Family of Missouri, USA’
This family originated in either England or Ireland and emigrated to America settling  around Kansas City in Missouri, USA. It should be noted that two separate Audley Families settled around Kansas City in Missouri, namely this family, whose origin has not as yet been identified and Audley Family MD1 that originated in Galway Ireland. The information about this second family is contained in ‘Audley Family M of Galway, Ireland

       The History of Audley Family YC
              (last updated 3rd July 2019)


Family YD ‘Audley Family of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

This branch of the Audley Family originated in Ireland (probably County Galway) but has not as yet been linked to one of the Audley Families in  ‘Audley Family M’ of County Galway, Ireland.

     The History of Audley Family  YD
             (last updated 25th June 2019)

Family YK ‘Audsley Family that became Audley Family’
The Family detailed in the file below is an AUDSLEY Family originally from Crayford in Kent, England. One branch of this family emigrated to Australia and one branch of that family in Australia changed its surname AUDSLEY to AUDLEY

        The History of Audley Family YK
         (file last updated 18th November 2018)