Audley Family Trees – Families J, L, LE, & M

Family J ‘Audley Family Originally of Coventry

The earlies members of this family lived in Coventry, Warwickshire, England and from there moved to numerous other places:

  • England: Warwickshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, Leicestershire
  • Canada: British Columbia & Quebec
  • USA: New York, Connecticut, Ohio,
  • Ireland: Waterford, Cavan, Cork, Tipperary
  • New Zealand; Christchurch

last updated 22nd January 2024

Family L ‘Audley of Lancashire & Cheshire’

This family is not a true Audley family. The file below contains a number of references to people with the Audley surname who were born, married, died or lived in Lancashire and/or Cheshire, England that have not, as yet, been connected to one of the other Audley families. (for more information select the link below). This file should be looked at in conjunction with ‘Audley Family UL’

last updated 26th July 2022

Family LE ‘Audley Family of Leicestershire (pre 1800)’

There would appear to be a 60 year gap in references to the Audley surname in the Parish Registers of Leicestershire from about 1770 to 1830. This file about the Audley family describes the History of the Audley Family in Leicestershire prior to 1800.
For members of the Audley Family who lived in Leicestershire post 1830 please see:
• Audley Family T originally of Audley Staffordshire and Nantwich, Cheshire
• Audley Family J originally of Coventry.

last updated 13th May 2023

Family M ‘Audley of Galway, Ireland: Pennsylvania & New York City, USA: & Fylde, Lancashire.

This family history is of the Audley Families that originated in  County Galway Ireland. Branches of this family emigrated to Pennsylvania USA,  settling in Boston and New York City. Another branch moved, via Cheshire, to the Fylde area of Lancashire. (for more information about this family select the link below)

last updated 29th April 2023

The link below contains maps of County Galway, Ireland showing where members of this family lived at various dates:

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