Audley Family Trees – Families I, IA, ID, IF, IR, & IU

Audley Family “I”

All Family Trees with the initial tag letter {I} have the earliest members as living, or being born in the island of Ireland. However not all families that originated in Ireland have the initial tag letter of {I}.
The following Audley Families also have origins in Ireland:
Audley Family E originating in County Waterford
Audley Family F  originating in Counties Kilkenny and Wexford
Audley Family G of Liverpool ; the place of origin of this family in Ireland is not known 
Audley Family M originating in County Galway

Audley Family IA – Audley Family of County Antrim, Ireland (includes Belfast)

Audley Family IA contains the Family History of a number of Branches of the Audley Family that were living in Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland

Updated 8th March 2023

Audley Family ID of County Down Ireland.

This small family tree of 6 people covering 3 generations with death dates of  1634 &1643.  This family lived in Audley’s Castle, Audleystown, County Down Ireland.

Updated 29th May 2022

Audley Family IF of County Fermanagh, Ireland

The Audley Family IF file contains the details of a single Audley Family that lived in County Fermanagh, Ireland.

Uppdated 8th March 2023

Audley Family IR of County Roscommon, Ireland and New York State USA.

The earliest members of this family originated in County Roscommon, Ireland. From 1851 onward they emigrated to America living mainly in New York State

Updated 17th August 2023

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Audley Family IU of County Dublin, Ireland

This file contains the details of a single Audley family that lived in Dublin City, County Dublin, Ireland.

Updated 29th April 2023

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