Audley Family Trees – Families I & ID

Audley Family “I”
All Family Trees with the initial tag letter {I} have the earliest members as living, or being born in the island of Ireland. However not all families that originated in Ireland have the initial tag letter of {I}.
The following Audley Families also have origins in Ireland:Audley Family E originating in County Waterford
Audley Family F  originating in Counties Kilkenny and Wexford
Audley Family G of Liverpool  but the place of origin of this family in Ireland is not known                        Audley Family M originating in County Galway
Audley Family O a collection of Audley records from Ireland that does not fit into any other Family
Audley Family ID of County Down Ireland. This small family tree of 6 people covering 3 generations with death dates of  1634 &1643.  This family lived in Audley’s Castle, Audleystown, County Down Ireland.

  The History of Audley Family ID
(Last updated 27th August 2017)