Audley Family Trees – Families G & H


Family G ‘Audley of Ireland & Liverpool’ This pedigree is based on the family tree given on page 260 in Chapter 20 of ‘Audley Pedigrees’ by A. L. Reade. That original family tree contained 5 people. It has now been expanded to 31 people covering 4 generations. All the people in this family were born in the Liverpool area with the exception of Alexander Audley and his wife Mary Monaghan who were both born in Ireland. Alexander and Mary were married in 1854 in Liverpool. It is assumed that they emigrated from Ireland to England after 1851 and before 1854. There is no evidence as to from what part of Ireland they came (for more information select the link below)

  The History of Audley Family G
(last updated 17th December 2017)

Family H ‘Winstanley alias Audley of Liverpool & Sandbach Cheshire’ This section describes the family of John Winstanley, whilst he was not born an Audley he was brought up by Audley family ‘B’ and is referred to in that section as {B21}. (for more information select the link below)

The History of Audley Family H
(last updated 8th August 2015)