Adley – variant of Audley

We believe that the Adley and Audley Surnames are independent Surnames, however in certain locations the Adley and Audley surnames become interchangeable. The following are the two areas where this occurs:

Audley Family M (originally of Galway, Ireland) and Audley Family R (originally of Cheshire, England).

In County Galway, Ireland, I believe  that an Old Irish Surname or Surnames, such as Áiligh or Ó h-Adhlaigh were anglicised to Audley and Adley and other less frequent variants. Due to the low level of literacy in the 1800s it appears from records that the Audley and Adley surnames were interchangeable. This is demonstrate in the  history of  ‘Audley Family M’

In the County of Cheshire, England in the early 1800s the Audley Surname changed from Audley to Aidley during this transition the Adley Surname was also used. This is demonstrated in the History of ‘Audley Family R’

Both the documents referred to above can be found on one of the ‘Family Tree’ pages on this website or by following one of the links below:

We would like to hear from anybody with the Adley surname who can add to the information we have about the link between the Audley and Adley surnames. We can be contacted through the ‘Contact Page’ on this website.

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