Welcome to the Audley One Name Study

This website is for you, if you are interested in Audley Family History, or one of the of variants of this surname such as Aidley, Audley-Charles, Allday, or Adley.   The administrator of this website is a member of the ‘Guild of One-Name Studies‘ (membership number 5187).
The aim of this website is to:

    • Research and record family trees for each branch of the Audley Family and to make them available to all.
    • Help people to identify to which branch of the Audley family they belong.
    • Collect and make available to all,  any published information, or artefacts related to the Audley Surname.
 This way to the Audley One Name Study

This way to the Audley One Name Study

Please browse this website to identify where you fit into the Audley Family. It contains details of over 3000 people who use or used the Surname. Each branch of the family is identified by either one or two letters from ‘Family A’ to ‘Family ZT’. Each person within that family has a  ‘Tag Number’, for example {A6} or {ZT34}.   Family Trees are found under the Family Tree  tab on the right hand menu.  There are a number of indexes to help you identify to which family you belong.

By the nature and scope of this website it may never be complete. Can fill in any of the gaps in our knowledge and correct any of our mistakes; then we would like to hear from you.  If you have any photographs or memorabilia you would like to share on the website please contact us. It is only with the help of people like you that has made this website what it is.

We are happy for you to use information from this website in your own personal research, but please do not use information taken from this website for financial gain.

If you are interested in family history around the village of Audley in Staffordshire then I would recommend visiting  the ‘Audley and District Family History Society‘ website.
Hope to hear from you soon
The ‘Audley’ Website Team

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