Audley Family Trees M to O

Family M ‘Audley of Galway, Ireland: Pennsylvania & New York City, USA: & Fylde, Lancashire. This family history is of the Audley Families that originated in  County Galway Ireland. Branches of this family emigrated to Pennsylvania USA,  settling in Boston and New York City. Another branch moved, via Cheshire, to the Fylde area of Lancashire. (for more information about this family select the link below)

The History of Audley Family M

(last updated 9th August 2016)

  Family N  ‘Audley of Norfolk’ The family history of  2  Audley families in the County of Norfolk. One commences around 1650 and the other  1750. A branch of this family emigrated to Canada and settled in Montreal, Strathcona and Vancouver. (for more information select the link below)

The History of Audley Family N

(last updated 3rd January 2017)

Family O  ‘Audleys of Ireland’.This file contains family trees; birth, marriage, & death records together with census returns on a county basis for the whole of Ireland.  This file excludes the following counties:  Galway (see Family M); Kilkenny (see Family F); Waterford (see Family E); Wexford (see Family F) . For more information in Audley Family O please select the link below.

The History of Audley Family O

(last updated 18th May 2016)