Audley Family Trees J to L

Family J ‘Audley of Coventry’ This Audley family originated in Coventry, Warwickshire. Whilst one branch of the family remained in Coventry, other branches moved to Burnley, Lancashire:  Congleton, Cheshire:  Leicester. Leicestershire. One branch emigrated to Canada settling in Montreal and Vancouver (for more information select link below)

The History of Audley Family J

(last updated 3rd December 2016)

Family K ‘Peter Audley of Portsea Hampshire and Liverpool’ This is the family history is of a two people who in some way relates to family B as in the 1851 census he was at the same address as {B31} (for more information select  the link below)

The History of Audley Family K

(last updated 17th March 2014)

Family L ‘Audley of Lancashire’. This family is not a true Audley family. The file below contains a number of references to people with the Audley surname who were born, married, died or lived in Lancashire, England that have not, as yet, been connected to one of the other Audley families. (for more information select the link below)

The History of Audley Family L

(last updated 4th October 2013)